Learn more about Indian Wines

Wine tasting is a grand part of a traveller’s food journey through any place they visit. But we don’t hear much about India’s wine scene. Tour with us to taste the local wine of India under an experienced and wine taster. We hand pick the best for you so that you can experience something new in every sip. Through this food tour, we aim to shed some light on the wine scene of India. But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the food.

Our expert will not only give you a tasty ride through the wines of India but also will show you how to experience it with the right food on the side. The food you choose to take in with your wine is key. We at ‘Tour with Chef’ want to make sure that your delicacy tour through India is attended to the smallest detail.

You can even experience the magic of Indian wine at your dinner parties, exhibitions, corporate events and more by contacting us.

An Expert introduction to Indian wines.