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Wine Tasting - tour with chef

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a grand part of a traveller’s food journey through any place they visit. But we don’t hear much about India’s wine scene. Tour with us to taste the local wine of India under an experienced and wine taster. We hand pick the best for you so that you can experience something new in every sip. Through this food tour, we aim to shed some..

tea tasting - tour with chef

Tea Tasting

Your tea tasting experience with ‘Tour with Chef’ will be enhanced with the help of some knowledge sharing about the origin and journey of the tea that you would be sipping through your tour around India. And you can take home a part of your tour with our specially arranged gift hamper, that you will receive at the end of your tea tasting session …

Indian spices- tour with chef

Chef Lead cooking class

The Indian way of cooking may seem complicated, but if taught by the right person it can be just as easy. We at Tour with chef are here to help you out! We can arrange for exclusive cooking classes lead by a celebrity chef, so that you understand Indian food like never before. Since you will be cooking under the supervision of a local chef..